Welcome to The Black Vault Case Files Database
Due to the overwhelming popularity of "Fringe" like topics on The Black Vault, this section was created as a place for individual case files on all sorts of paranormal events from around the globe.

This is a place that is evolving daily, and I encourage interaction and input on the cases. I believe that the power of the internet can help solve cases, and the expertise that many different people can provide will help us all DISCOVER THE TRUTH.

These case files are used for reference, and additional information on events not very well known to the public. The internet is FULL of hoaxes and over-hyped incidents that become VERY well known, so many are added here to try and give an in-depth analysis and factual representation of each case. When a case is determined a hoax, it is labeled as such.

If you have something to add, please contact me, and let me know! I am interested in witness accounts, photographs, videos and leads!
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