Ep. #68 – Pentagon UFO Debris? An Analysis of the Claims.

Wild sensationalized headlines and misinterpreted FOIA results has all landed a new UFO story that is, well, just not accurate. Although at the recording of this, mainstream media coverage has not commenced, the blog in question has found itself posted throughout multiple social networks such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter; all resulting in many questions. This is addressing the rumor, while adding a few more tidbits about AAWSAP that you may not be aware of.


Ep. #65 – Luis Elizondo & John Greenewald, Jr. – 1 on 1

In October of 2017, a counterintelligence officer and trained special agent by the name of Luis Elizondo, stepped out of the shadowed halls of the Pentagon and into the public spotlight. Whether he intended it or not, by doing so he would become an instant celebrity to UFO enthusiasts for saying something that would soon shake the entire world.


Ep. #64 – Cover-up at Guantanamo – Special Guest: Jeffrey S. Kaye

My guest today is author Jeffrey Kaye. In his book Cover-up at Guantanamo, Jeffrey explores two mysterious deaths, detailing meticulously, declassified military documents; horrifying tales of drugs possibly used for interrogation purposes; the lack of basic human rights; and strong evidence of a massive cover-up of the truth.

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