Report a UFO Sighting

Have you seen a UFO?   Have you experienced something strange?  In November of 2017, The Black Vault began assembling a worldwide team to help investigate experiences just like yours.

Whether it be a light in the sky, a metallic craft or even if you’re positive it is military technology, but you can’t identify it, we’d love to help.

The project is called TBV Investigations, and we want to hear from you!

Once your case is submitted, you will be contacted by a researcher to possibly ask a few questions, possibly do a recorded phone interview (if you are comfortable with that),  maybe visit you for a face-to-face interview (if you are comfortable with that) and even conduct a field investigation while collecting samples, if your case requires it.  Or, it can be completely anonymous, and we will just take what you submitted and use only that to create your case file.

Examples: Nearest cross streets (if not posting specific address), "across from 711 on North East corner, etc.
Please add as much detail about your sighting as you can - including the time of day, duration of the sighting, lighting conditions, craft direction, other witnesses, etc.
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