Analyses of Two Experiencers’ Clothing Worn During an Abduction (Salt Fork State Park, Ohio)

Analyses of Two Experiencers’ Clothing Worn During an Abduction (Salt Fork State Park, Ohio)

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Date of Event / Case File: 08/29/2014


On August 29-30, 2014 two men were on a fishing/camping trip at an Ohio state park (Salt Fork, Cambridge, Ohio). The older man (43) was accompanied by a young man (19) who was a friend of his daughter. The older man is a construction worker who owns his own business. They were camped by the lake shore with chairs about two feet from the water, and would routinely stoke the fire every hour. There was no one else in the vicinity. Late in the evening the two men saw a light low in the sky. It moved back and forth to tree top level. About 1:30 a.m. they heard a shrill ‘woman-sounding” voice. It should be noted that many stories of ‘high strangeness’ abound (bigfoot, hauntings, UFOs) at Salt Fork.1 There is a cave in the park with a waterfall where a girl supposedly died. The men became increasing nervous. After 1:30 a.m. the older man’s wife and daughter could not contact them. The men have no recollection of what happened for three hours. They became ‘aware’ at 5:19 a.m. in the morning. The fire was out. The men grabbed their belongings and changed clothes. As the older man changed clothes he noticed his shirt was inside out! It should be noted that no alcohol was in their cooler, only water.

There are two objectives of this analysis. The first is to identify any stains and spots left on various pieces of clothing for anomalies which may be related to the abduction. The second is to compare these results to two analyses, one done on the dress Betty Hill wore during her abduction and the other done on an experiencer’s tee shirt worn during an abduction in Winnipeg, Canada.

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