SAGINAW — A paranormal investigation team today posted a webisode online showing the probe of a Saginaw home alleged to be haunted.

The 20-minute-long session, produced by Alli Michigan Ghost-Hunters and uploaded to the team’s Facebook page, features claims of disembodied voices, moving lights, blood found spattered on walls, apparitions and flying tomatoes.

The webisode centers on the investigation of an unidentified home in Saginaw owned by a couple identified simply as Tito and Roseanna.

“We know it’s violent,” Tito says of one of the ghosts he claims haunts the home. “She got a tomato thrown at her.”

While Roseanna says spooky occurrences make her uneasy, Tito tells the camera he often has a different reaction.

“I go after the ghost,” he says. “The scariest time is at night. That’s when you hear the noise; that’s when you see the movements; that’s when it’s quiet and they want to come out to play.”

Both say they’ve seen a man in the home. Tito says he saw an old man sitting in the basement while Roseanna claims she saw a man standing by the kitchen stove.

The couple claims they researched the home’s history and discovered a former owner in his 80s who “matches the description” of the man seen, investigators say.

The couple tells the ghost hunters they’ve witnessed lighters “dancing across the table” and red dots resembling blood spatter appearing on a wall.

The investigators claim to capture several paranormal anomalies both on camera and microphone.

The webisode features several recordings of “disembodied voices,” including what investigators claim is a child asking, “Will you play with me, dad?”

Later, footage of one of the investigators shows a small point of light hovering near his arm as he talks on camera, unaware of what video is capturing. Captions on the video explain the investigator reacted to a chill in his body at that moment and claims the light couldn’t have been a spec of dust.

What do you think? Watch the webisode below and then scroll beneath the video to participate in a poll: Do you think the house is haunted? Return to MLive on Friday to see the results.

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