On Sunday, October 4, 1981 between 12:30 – 6:00 p.m., globs of white, fibrous material were observed floating from high in the sky. There were copious amounts, and it was floating in giant spirals. It stuck to trees, bushes and telephone wires, i.e. everywhere in town and the surrounding country. This is typical of many other similar events in the past and present and the phenomenon has been designated by many as “angel hair falls”.

An intriguing coincidence about this “angel hair” sample is that at 12:30 p.m. a UFO was sighted just prior to the fall. UFOs have been observed in past angel hair falls, though not always. Yet the statistics involving UFO observation followed by angel hair drops are high enough to imply a connection. The UFO was observed in this event had the appearance of a silver dollar.

It was in view for approximately one minute and was about 60° above the horizon. It appeared to stand still, then suddenly sped up and disappeared. It was a bright day with a clear sky.

The object is to identify this material in order to elucidate its source.


1) The white fibrous material is identified as a polymer containing protein amide type linkages, i.e. protein. Therefore, it is speculated that a biological source is involved in its manufacture. However, at this point the specific source remains unidentified. The spectra data are close to that of silk made by caterpillars.

2) This material compares to that from “angel hair” falls in Los Gatos, California (October 19-20, 1977); Sacramento, California (November 11, 1999), and Burlington, West Virginia (September 19, 2000) which were also analyzed by this laboratory.

3) It should be noted that the suggestion the material is from a biological origin does not rule out a possible “intelligent” influence. The “jury is still out” on the specific source of this material until further research is completed.

The Analysis

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