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Date of Event / Case File: 09/28/1987


On the evening of September 28, 1987 a 27-year-old auto mechanic witnessed a disc-shaped craft hovering above the sands of Shikmona Beach (south of Haifa, Israel). It emitted a bright red flash before disappearing.

He returned to the site two days later with an ufologist (Hadassa Arbel). They noted the sand contained a display in the image of the UFO. The display material appears to melt at very low temperature, ca. 50°C (120°F). The object is to identify this material in order to determine its source.


The analysis shows the UFO site sample is composed of the following materials:

Composition Wt.%
Rust >50
Paraffin Type Wax 20-35
Lubricant Base Oil
(Slightly Oxidized)
(Specifically a High viscosity Aromatic
Hydrocarbon Base Oil)
(Probably Calcium Carbonate)

The presence of the wax causes the melting effect at elevated temperatures. The presence of wax and lubricant the shows these materials have been through a partial oil refining process, i.e. these materials have been isolated from crude oil. The lubricant is not a finished one because there are no additives. Additionally all lubricants are dewaxed in their processing.

This lubricant still contains wax.

The only known source of this material is from a refinery. All other industry and retail outlets would have finished products. So this would be difficult for the average person to obtain. The rust indicates some kind of rusted container or pipeline. All this evidence points to the source of the material as from an oil refinery release. This is substantiated by a recent Greenpeace citation of oil refineries (among other companies) for toxic release of materials into the Kishon River, supposedly the most polluted river in Israel.

It is the opinion of this analyst that this material is a toxic waste dump that coincidentally was present on the beach at the time of the UFO sighting and mistakenly assumed to be part of the same event

The Analysis


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