Analysis of Residue from an Excised Cow Found 10-2-2000

Analysis of Residue from an Excised Cow Found 10-2-2000

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 10/02/2000


The background on this mutilation event can be found in a letter dated October 6, 2000 by Louise Ashby who investigated the case.

This is included in the appendix along with a site drawing.

The object of this analysis is to identify dark substances observed on bovine feces found under a mutilated cow and nearby grass. Of particular interest is whether the dark substance is pure bovine hemoglobin, which has been found in two other animal mutilation events.


The residues found on the feces and grass are definitely blood derived. However, it does not appear to be whole blood. Some components seem to be missing, e.g. lipids and other unidentified components. It is highly likely that the material is primarily the hemoglobin component of blood, but this could not be positively confirmed by infrared analysis.

The residue could not be isolated adequately enough from the feces, grass, and dirt minerals for a more definitive examination. These materials produce additional subtle absorption in a pertinent spectral region which differentiates whole blood from hemoglobin.

The lack of some whole blood components would indicate a processing of blood has occurred.

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