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Date of Event / Case File: 08/02/2010


A wheat crop formation was “seen” by Robbert van den Broeke in a vision, as it was occurring. This formed on August 2, 2010 in Holland. Roy Boschman went to the location described by Robbert as soon as it was light. He indeed found a formation. He also noted some of the seed-heads appeared to be partially burned. These were at the very end of a partially completed ring, or “arc”, which was part of a formation. The objective is to determine whether the cause of the blackening was burning or ustilago fungus. Following are photographs with a graphic of the formation, the formation, and the blackened seed-heads.


The analysis shows the seed-head top is burned. The heat it experienced appears to be localized because the bottom part of the seed-head is normal. The source of the heat is unknown. A logical speculation is that it was involved in the creation of the crop formation. The source was either hot, or there was an energy field around it that induced the seed hulls to burn.

The Analysis

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