Date of Sighting: Fall, 1977
Time of Sighting: 5 to 6 PM EST
Duration of Sighting: Unknown
Date Reported: January 4, 2006
Location of Sighting: New England (Location Not Disclosed to Protect Anonymity of Witness)
Number of Witnesses: One

Listen to Brief Audio Clip of Witness Interview:

Description: A woman recalls that she was going to bed early one night in the fall of 1977.  She remembered wearing a long “zip up” robe.   She heard a humming sound and went to the window to investigate.  (She was fully conscious at the time.)

The next thing that she remembers was waking up the next morning with no clothes on in her bed with her robe neatly folded at the end of the bed.  (She said that she never slept in this fashion and never folded her robe that way.)  Her mother said that slept all night with her door locked.  She said that she felt like someone was “sticking needles” in her body.  She recounted that at the time she always slept with her mother and was going to do so that night.

A few weeks after the incident she broke out with sores all over her body.  The doctors were baffled and did not know what the cause was.  They treated her with antibiotics and eventually the sores healed.

After nearly 30 years the woman had flashbacks about what happened to her.  She remembers small beings with long arms around her and that she was on a table. She recalls trying to “fight them off.”  She also remembered larger “tube-like” beings also in the room.  She never had reported the incident except to friends and family.  She was afraid of ridicule.

Investigator’s Notes: This case sounds like a classic “alien-abduction” story.  Like most abductions the evidence lies solely with the statements of the witness.  In my interview the witness sounded very credible and was able to recount her experience in detail.  After nearly 30 years she has experienced flashbacks and has recently had to visit the emergency room due to a persistent “buzz-like” sound in her left hear.  She has no hearing problems.  (It is not known if these symptoms have anything to do with her 1977 experience.)

Second Investigator’s Notes: I gather from what you say – and from my own experiences – that a big part of the task is separating the wheat from the chaff. There is no need for a government disinformation campaign since the public at large seems willing to sew confusion, both intentionally, as well as unintentionally through the slippery nature of some purported UFO encounters. I finally caught up with the witness this evening. I wanted to share my impressions with you while they are fresh.

I found her to be sincere, cooperative and even generous as a witness, willing to share parts of her life that she may not share freely with others. She came across as one of the more credible witnesses I’ve interviewed in the past several months. Credible in the sense of being grounded as evidenced by her work responsibilities and strong family relationships, as well as how she came across with me in the interview. She also seemed to have more healthy boundaries than some of the other witnesses I’ve interviewed.

The witness also seemed to have a good memory for dates in the distant past. One factor that might serve to undermine her credibility as an abduction witness is that she saw a TV show about UFOs (3-4 years ago) that provided some experiential content that was similar to her own “post-abduction” experience, i.e., finding her clothes neatly folded by the bed.

The recovery of her abduction memory occurred after she watched the TV show – I’m not sure how long after, but not immediately after. She was not entirely sure, but she indicated that the show did not depict events like the essential details of her abduction memory, e.g., lying on a table, seeing 8 entities with large black eyes, etc.. One could argue that either the TV show caused her unconscious mind to link her own strange experience at age 17 with the UFO phenomenon – or that, in fact, it evoked her own memory of an abduction experience that had happened approximately 25 years earlier.

As consistent with some of the UFO research, the witness reported several ESP experiences. Apparently, she is well known in her family for this psychic ability and has been consulted on a criminal case by her brother who is a policeman. While she was open with me about these experiences, she initially expressed some reluctance to go into this area since, understandably, many people are dismissive or even judgmental about it. I would encourage you to follow up with the witness. She indicated that she would send a drawing that she will make of a triangular craft she witnessed on several occasions. She requested a FAX number, but I didn’t have it to give to her at the time we spoke.

She also said that she would draw a bubble(s) encasing a humanoid(s) she saw during her abduction. If she does produce the second drawing for you, I would suggest that you check to make sure she’s comfortable with the idea before posting it on the website. Another avenue for follow up would be to see if other witnesses present during some of these events would be willing to talk to you.

You may very well have broached this subject with her. She led me to believe that several UFO events during her childhood were witnessed by her siblings and others in the community. In fact, she characterized the area where she grew up in Connecticut as a UFO hotspot. I hope these impressions are helpful to you. I will look forward to hearing your reactions and thoughts and comparing notes.

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