Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 09/21/2006

Date of Sighting: April 10, 2005
Time of Sighting: Night (Exact Time Unknown)
Date Reported: September 21, 2006
Duration of Event: Four Hours
Location of Event: Between Mt. Clemens and Olivet, Michigan (See Map Above)
Latitude: N/A
Longitude: N/A
Number of Witnesses: Four
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One

Description: The witness wrote a detailed report of her experience. She and her family were visiting her son in Mt. Clemens. (She remembers the date because it was her son’s 16th birthday.) The witness related that her daughter, son, and brother left Mt. Clemens for the normal two hour trip to their home in Olivet. (See route on above map.) She said that they saw the lights of East Lansing (close to home) and then in an instant they were close to Grand Rapids (about 70 miles to the northwest of Lansing.) The witness recalls turning the car around to go back to the correct route and then again a “lapse of time” occurred. She said that in an instant they were where they were before (approaching East Lansing from the East.) They then drove home. Messages awaited them on their answering machine because they arrived home two hours late.

Investigator’s Notes: This case is somewhat confusing and lacks corroboration from the other witnesses. The primary witness says that the incident has never left her mind. She did say that she has taken wrong turns and exits before, but says that did not happen this time. Her brother denies that it happened and her daughter refuses to discuss it. No UFO sighting was associated with this incident. The witness did say that she has sighted UFOs before this incident. We are attempting to obtain more information about this case. Any updates will be posted.

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