Plane Observed Escorting Unidentified Object over Louisiana

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 04/17/2015

Shape: Unknown – Duration: 20 minutes

Last night, I and my friends were outside of our housing projects and we saw in increments of 2 vehicles that had one plane that was escorting the other without lights…

They made no sound until they were overhead; they were no more than 800 ft. above us slightly more but so close we could get a GREAT VISUAL of them.

I went inside to let friends on Facebook know of the calamity that was occurring until my cousin-in-law told me he hears something and go check outside.

Once I went back outside the other guys who witnessed this phenomenon were filming and we saw 5 more; none of them had lights except maybe 1 or 2, but the last one was flying by itself shaped like a star with no light only 6 green orbs underneath and they were all trying to cloak in this man-made fog.

The reason I said man-made because there was no fog outside before we spotted these crafts.

After the last one we saw with the green orbs, the fog went with it and we could no longer see the stars or the moon.

As crazy as this may seem, this isn’t a hoax; this is my first time on this site, but I feel as if the world needs to know what is going on.

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