Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 08/05/2017

Location of Sighting: Ben Wheeler, Texas
Date of Sightings: (Photos Received August 5, 2017)

Witness Testimony:

The following information was received by Bill Puckett of UFOs NorthWest. It is used here with permission, and can not be reproduced in any way.

“Hi: the aliens are talking to me. I got photos of it and photos of flying disk.They come in through the walls at night. I am in Benwheeler, Texas. I have so much more I can blow your mind. At a old Indian battle ground I got two disk and eight orbs and sixty white things flying around me all on photos. It’s a female alien talking to me. She likes me a lot. She said get ready and she flew out in front of me. I was in a flying disk with her. I am one man that is not a waste of your time.

I can change the world with what I got. I got about one hundred photos of alien technology. I have taken about 3,000 photos hunting aliens in three years. My work is convincing for sure. I hate to type all this on text. I can tell you better. Call me when you can any time day or night. I got to get this out.

If this is breaking the law, I will get a life sentence that is how good my proof is. I was at a Indian battle ground where 800 Indians were killed by 500 Texans. When I got there I took 360 photos. I got two disks and eight orbs on one photo and got about sixty white square things flying around me of alien technology.”

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