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The following investigation is being conducted by TBV Investigations team member Erika Southey, and is ongoing. That means, this case file will morph and change as the case unfolds.

Case Background

by Erika Southey, TBV Investigations

Last Updated 2/20/2018

This is an introduction article to the alleged “unexplained death” of Todd Sees.  It may be over 18 years ago, but for his family; this day marks the loss of beloved husband, father and son.  
Firstly, my sincere condolences to the Sees family.  My investigation of this case by no means carry any malice or ill intent towards the family.
Todd’s case grabbed my attention.  I hope to contribute to finding the truth.  My information was sourced via the Daily Item Newspaper, Northumberland County and UFORCOP.
Butch Witkowski (Lead Investigator and founder of UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania (UFORCOP)) hit many roadblocks, but is still investigating Todd’s case.   

Case Details

What should have been a normal day in the life and routine of Todd Sees; turned bizarre in a matter of hours. 
39-year old Sees left his home in Northumberland, Pennsylvania at 05:00 and traveled approximately 7.8 mi (12.5 km) to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, to scout deer in the nearby forest.  An activity that, according to his family, Sees often pursued.
Pennsylvania, according to my research, is no stranger to Extraterrestrial (ET) and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings. 
Did Sees stumble onto something that he shouldn’t have seen? Did he come back to investigate a bit further?  Did curiosity get the better of him? Could he have escaped his followers the first time around?  The latter to me; sounds highly unlikely.
Did he perhaps deviate from the normal route on the day of his death, or, was he investigating particular sightings in this area?  Testimony to this is; that other residents in the nearby area mentioned UFO/strange sightings on previous occasions including on the day of his death.
Perhaps he didn’t let on that he was looking into the ‘paranormal’ for the fear of his family becoming targets or that they may think that he is crazy.  Try explaining abduction or encounters with aliens to some people.
When Sees didn’t return by 12:30 the afternoon, his family got worried and went looking for him.  His brother Ty Sees, wife Sue Sees and his father Harold ‘Brub’ Sees searched without any sign of Todd.  
Todd’s 18-year old son found his abandoned 4-Wheeler (4WD truck) at the west end of the ridge of the area where Todd was supposed to be scouting.  This was 2 mi (3.2 km) from his home.
After the search didn’t yield any further sign of Todd, his family called authorities to continue the search.  
Due to the temperature conditions of 90 deg F (32.2 deg C), some thought that he may have gotten dehydrated and passed out in the woods.  After searching for hours, the search was called off till the next day.
On expanding their search (200 searchers involved)l to a wider area – authorities discovered Sees’s body at the western base of Montour Ridge which was 150 yards (137m) from Sees’s house.
I’m not familiar with the area.  Thus these calculations are estimates.  Starting with the location of the truck and his body; they are 3.1 mi apart.  Why would Sees travel 3.1 mi by foot on a sweltering day? If dehydrated, he wouldn’t have made it far considering, he was in hunting camouflage gear.  If he had a gun on him, why was no mentioned made of it?  Where were the accessories normally taken with by a hunter?
What opens the case up to more questions are the official responses to Witkowski’s questions:
According to the search team; Sees’s body was intact and there was no sign of him being bitten or injured in any way.
Why was his family not allowed to see his body?  Gary Steffen (Chief of Police, Northumberland County) said that due to his personal connection with Todd Sees, there was no need for his family to go through the experience of seeing his “emaciated remains”.  Intact and emaciated in one sentence; is a definite oxymoron to me.  I don’t think that one needs a PhD to ascertain that less than 24 hours is insufficient to go from a normal state to emaciated.  Even if Steffen was a personal friend, close family members who wanted to see the body has a right to. 
James Kelley (County Coroner) referred to examining the “remains” and couldn’t determine the cause of death.  The word: “remains” to me – suggests ‘leftovers’.  If this is the case; then there should have been some sort of conclusion or allusion by Kelley of what the cause of death could have been.
Sergeant Cottner of Point Township Police Station said that there were some irregularities around the case, but would not go on record to indicate UFO activities.  
If this was an ordinary case; why did the Federal Bureau of Investigation get involved?
This is the introduction to my investigation and I hope to shed more light on the questions asked here.  
If you have any information and would like to speak to me, you can contact me via my Black Vault email address: [email protected]

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