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Hey guys I know I am new here but I noticed you didnt have the wierd picture on this site.Laughing It is a new story I just found out about there is very little to what is known about it or anything I just have the picture.  If you can find more out that would be great!  Looks like an oarfish swam through fukushima. lol 

“Experts” are saying this is a giant oarfish or a thresher shark.  If you go ahead and look these creatures up you can see that they look nothing like creature dead on that beach.  The oarfish if you look at multiple photos is very long and skinny.  There are no horns on the oarfish.  Then the thresher shark.  It’s a shark with a tail fin?  Come on seriously?!!?

Maria Sanchez of Civil Protection in Cuevas.  This creature was apparently 13 ft from head to tail.  It stunk as well this reminds me of the case that was recently posted here about what people seem to think is a whale carcass.  I am wondering if the Leviathans really did exist.



What is it? Horned sea “monster” washes up on shore

VILLARICOS, SPAIN — It looks like something right out of a mythology book, but it has many along the coast of Spain scratching their heads.  The mysterious creature has what looks like horns sprouting from its head and stretches about 13 feet down the beach.

Whatever it is, some believe it’s an oarfish, a mutant fish or even a shark species, it was in the advanced stages of decomposition.

Source and special thanks: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/weird-news/what-it-horned-sea-monster-washes-shore/nZYw7/

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