Location of Sighting: Decoy Park – Newton Abbot Devon, UK
Date of Sighting: August 4, 2015
Time of Sighting: 1:43 PM GMT

Description: Bill, take a look at this incredible photo. This is no ghost. This is a Pleiadian being dematerialized from a portal. The uniform is a dead giveaway. The photo was taken 4 ‎August ‎2015, 1:43 PM GMT at Decoy Park Newton Abbot Devon UK.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: Hi Bill: I was walking around Decoy Park and I felt something touch the back of my head so I quickly turned around. To my surprise there was a large man standing by a tree smiling at me. The man had blonde hair and had blue eyes and was very handsome. He looked Scandinavian and was wearing black boots blue trousers with a purple top.

The top had white lines on the shoulders and white lines going around the sleeves. The clothes were also tight fitted and he looked very muscular. I quickly raise my camera to take a photograph. With that the Man started to dematerialize legs first top half next and then vanished. There was on sound only a small gold color flash of light. This was an incredible sight to have witnessed.

I only managed to get one photograph because this happened so fast and I was in shock. The reason why I thought he was a Pleiadian was that he fits the description given by many contactees and I have also seen photograph of this being before. I hope this answers all your questions, Bill.

UFOs NorthWest Note: Analysis does not indicate that the original photo was fabricated. This same witness has sent several photos of UFO’s over the past few years. I have yet to find any evidence of fabrication.

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