Date of Sighting: 1982 (Exact Date Unknown)
Date Reported: January 20, 2007
Location of Sighting: New Berlin, Wisconsin

Description (In Witness’s Own Words): This is the incident that happened in 1982. (By the way I believe there were other abductions besides the 1973 and 1982 ones.) I have difficulty bringing up the full memories of the incidents and therefore will not attempt to report them to anyone at this time. The beings themselves were like “small green beings” in tight fitting space suits or diving suits.

No bigger than 2-3 feet. The reptilians (for lack of a better word), were very tall 7-8 feet tall. As for the ships, the one big “mother ship” for lack of a better term – was very big – cone shaped, like an ice cream cone, slowly moved around it’s axis and had multi-colored lights on it — very brilliant.

My aunt exclaimed, “What in God’s name is that?” as the small beings surrounded her and the field. The wave of reptilians started shortly after the influx of these small green beings which looked like “men” to me.

These beings were not the greys but some other type of species I believe. The saucer shaped vehicles in the field were 10-20 feet in diameter at most and hovered above the field. Some of them were stationary on their “landing gear” I would suppose.

Investigator’s Notes: I haven’t spoken with this witness, but his story is somewhat hard to follow.

He is describing very similar experiences that other abductees have recounted. The veracity of this story rests with the credibility of the witness.

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