Man Recalls Sighting of UFO Like “Independence Day”

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The following was submitted to UFOs NorthWest:
Location of Sighting: Mercury, Nevada
Date of Sighting:
Time of Sighting:
2:30 PM Pacific Time
Description: I was moving from Carson City, NV to Oklahoma City, OK in 1975. I was young, but witnessed something I have never forgot.
My father and I were in his truck with CB communication to my mother’s vehicle and to a friend of my father’s that was moving to Oklahoma for work. Anyway we were close to Mercury, Nevada in the daytime.
My father pointed out a space ship, well that’s what he called it because I didn’t have a clue what a UFO was. It was huge, real big and my best explanation of it was like one if the ships you see in that movie Independence Day. Well maybe it was a cross between that one and the one in Close Encounters.
It was metal, not shiny, but tarnished in big rust colored streams down the side. It was worn like what you would see in Star Wars, the desert type ships that looked rode real hard and a little rough. It has large towers like big radio antennas with clearance lights. I didn’t see windows, but I was a ways from it. What happened is it must have been real close to the ground, but like 2 to 3 miles away yet large enough to make out a lot.
I don’t think I saw windows because of the distance, but who knows. It came up from behind a large hill looking ominous in size than once up a couple thousand feet it rotated clockwise about only 15% than back down slowly to land behind the hill. No, it wasn’t a balloon.
It had no jets, was soundless and very well traveled. I did do a few sketches, but I am no artist. I hope you like my story and it was quite an experience.
I will always believe I witnessed something from somewhere other than here on Earth.




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