Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 03/01/1964
Name of Witness: Dan Ragan

Date of Sighting: March, 1964
Time of Sighting: 10 PM to 8 AM
Date Reported: May 15, 2005
Location: Westchester, Illinois (Suburb of Chicago)
Latitude: 41.85295 Degrees North
Longitude: 87.88422 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Number Witnesses Interviewed:

Witness Has Consented to Use of His Full Name in This Report

Description: Dan Ragan recalls going to bed when he was five years old and instantly seeing the sun come up.  He said that his mother tucked him into bed at 10 PM and in an instant the sun came up and it was daylight.  He said that he never even closed his eyes.  He went into the bedroom to see his mother at the time (8 AM the next morning) and she was sound asleep. 

He was not ill and was not taking any medication.  He recalls nothing of the missing time and his mother or father did not experience anything unusual.  Both parents and himself were in the house at the time of the incident.  He has discussed this experience with his wife over the years and upon seeing the Peter Jennings ABC Special “Seeing is Believing” made him decide to report the experience.  

Investigator’s Notes:  I have spoken at length with Dan and his wife about his experience. 

Dan says that he never forgot this experience and that he discussed it over the years with his parents and his wife.  He has had no problems as the result of this experience, but still to this day does not know what happened.  My assessment of the interview is that Dan is credible and firmly believes that this happened to him. Could Dan have been abducted?  What caused the missing time? 

Why did the sun rise immediately after his mother turned the lights off in his room?  (Ten hours went by in a split second.)  I have checked the National UFO Reporting Center for sightings in March of 1964.  Only two sightings were reported and neither were near where Dan had his experience.  I have also checked the Air Force Project Bluebook files for sightings in this area in March of 1964.  No sightings were reported anywhere in Illinois in March of 1964.


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