Man Loses 45 Minutes of Time & Experiences Recurring Nightmares

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 01/01/1981

Date of Event: 1981 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Event: 2 am
Date Reported: April 11, 2005
Location of Sighting: El Paso, Texas
Latitude: 32.0 Degrees N
Longitude: 106.6 Degrees W
Number of Witnesses: One

Description (In Witness’s Own Words): I have only shared my story with three other people in 24 years . It was two in the morning in El Paso, Texas and I was making a 45 minute drive from my girlfriend’s house . All I remember is getting on the freeway, then off. The 45 minutes was gone with no recollection.

I was sober and have never been into drugs. Immediately after this, I began to have trouble sleeping, with nightmares that have slowly escalated over the years. I developed an undiagnosed rheumatic disorder and a small circular hole in my finger that recurred off and on stinging painfully. Eventually I pulled a polyp out of my finger.  After this the hole healed. 

Anything concerning aliens, space, or aliens intrigues me in a haunting, nostalgic way. (I am drawn to it.) Twice I am sure that I saw an extraterrestrial vehicle.  (I have no proof of this.) I feel almost like I was being watched. I am currently on anxiety medication. I have been reluctant to be hypnotized and do a regression.

Investigator’s Notes:  This witness clearly feels that he has been affected by an experience that occurred 24 years ago.  Given that he drove home at 2 am and doesn’t remember 45 minutes on the freeway is interesting. 

One could say that he was tired and not aware of the passing time during his drive home.  I am still in touch with the witness and would like to find the date of his experience.

This is one of the cases that are open to speculation.  Hypnosis or an in-depth interview might reveal more details.



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