Identification Unknown Substance Suspected to be “Pseudo Crystals”

Identification Unknown Substance Suspected to be “Pseudo Crystals”

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 07/27/2001


Unusual appearing materials dubbed “pseudo crystals” have been found in house hold dust of individuals claiming alien abductions. They are usually in micron sizes and therefore difficult to identify. A recently found material has a similar appearance under the microscope as previously encountered “pseudo crystals”. However, this time the “crystals” are in a larger cluster, and the amount is suitable for infrared analysis. It is the object of this analysis to identify this sample by infrared analysis.


The sample is identified as poly(ethylene terephthalate) i.e. PET. It has the following structure: -[-CH2CH2]x – [O(C=O)-Ø-(C=O)O]z-

This material is a common polyester manufactured under a variety of trade names by many companies. This polymer has many uses such as: blended with cotton, for wash-and-wear fabrics; blended with wool, for worsteds and suitings; packaging films; recording tapes; soft-drink bottles.

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