Location: Fort McCoy Wildlife Management Area
Latitude: 29.28985 Degrees N
Longitude: 82.01712 Degrees W
Date: November, 1993 (Exact Date Unknown)
Date Reported: February 7, 2005
Time of Encounter: About 45 Minutes Before Sunrise
Number of Witnesses: One

Description (In Witness’s Own Words): I’ve kept this story to myself for years now and only feel safe in telling this to you. I had gone to the woods to go hunting by myself that morning and after parking my truck, I then walked into the woods to where I had my tree stand placed. I got up into my stand about 45 minutes before sun up.

I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face that morning as there was no moon that night. I had only been in my stand about 15 minutes when out in front of me I suddenly saw three white lights flickering from one side to another, the lights appeared to be very small. I thought to myself what the heck is this? I remember watching the lights for what I remember to be about a couple of minutes and then the next thing I knew the sun was up and I was wondering what the heck happened?

Shortly after this experience in the woods I started having dreams at night where I felt something was trying to take me out of my body. Four years after this experience, I moved to another home and shortly thereafter my son got me a puppy for my birthday.

When the dog was about six months old we let him stay out one night and when the next morning came and we went out side with him, he would stop and look up into the sky. I don’t know what happened out there in the woods that morning but something did and I’ve not been the same since. My health has gone down hill ever since.

Additional Interview With Witness:  In this interview the witness said that he experienced about 2 hours of lost time after the original sighting of the lights. He said that the lights behaved intelligently, were white, small, round, and moved laterally.  In about two weeks after the experience the witness began experiencing double vision.  The double vision eventually cleared up. 

The witness has several physical problems today, but doesn’t think that they were related to his experience in 1993. I was most curious in why the witness would begin hunting the extreme dark. He related that hunters like to be established in a spot in order to surprise animals.  (He was hunting deer.)

Investigator’s Notes: The witness has been outstanding in answering all of my questions regarding this case.  Given that the alleged encounter happened over 10 years ago and that the witness was alone, it will be difficult to find out any more details.  The case sounds like the “typical encounter” and missing time scenario experienced by people who have had an abduction experience. 

This sighting definitely affected the witness’s life.  He developed double vision and began experiencing nightmares right after the experience.  He seems to recall many details of the sighting with the exception of the exact date.

Bottom Line/Conclusion:  This case falls under the paranormal experience category.  The witness’s experience is similar to other alleged UFO abduction cases, although in this case no spaceship was sighted.  For reason no association can be made with the UFO phenomenon, but the experience is most unusual.

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