Flying Humanoid UFO – Evidence Alien Face & Body

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Date of Event / Case File: 08/01/2015

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Witness Report:

This video covers the case study and analysis of the flying “Humanoid UFO” recorded over my apt in Newport Beach California.

We applied digital filters and motion tracking to the recording to maximize the ufo features and examine it’s humanoid like qualities.

The object was flying vertically and fast when recorded. I could see it clearly in the viewfinder. The camera was sitting still on a tripod. The ufo appeared to be a flying humanoid type object. It had a round head, two eyes, upper body and legs. It looked like it was running in the sky.

The ufo had repeated flashes on either side and was activating the flashes by triggering some mechanism on itself.

Given the unique nature of the ufo sighting I felt it needed to be further studied, re-analyzed and presented for review.


Dear Black Vault,

Hope this finds you well! I’ve been enjoying the great work on your site!

I wanted to submit our latest video for your review please. 

The video is the case study and analysis of the “Flying Humanoid” UFO over Newport Beach CA. 

The complete witness report is below for your review.

Thanks again for your support and keep up the great work!




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