Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 05/29/1968


The following documents were collected by UFO Investigator Rob Mercer, and digitized to preserve their history.

These documents are part of the “From the Desks of Project Blue Book” Archive. 

A note from Rob Mercer regarding the below file:

“I came across this case information in the files, it is regarding a May 1968 case that I wasn’t able to find in Blue Book official files. I have seen it mentioned in one sentence descriptions referencing Hynek. He took the witness information and may have looked at it later. It’s possible that who ever has his old papers probably has the case. I edited out the minimal witness info for their privacy. Rob”

Document Archive

 From the Desks of Project Blue Book: Mosinee, Wisconsin, 29 May 1968 [12 Pages, 5.8MB]

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