The following experience was submitted directly to The Black Vault. The witness, with permission, wanted their email address added as well.  If anyone has any comments or suggestions to what “Ed” may have experienced, please comment below.

I am not asking for an investigation of any kind, nor would I want one, but need to tell someone about what happened. I was about 13 years old living in upstate NY around 1977-78. I lived in a two story home, but we only rented the downstairs and another family rented the upstairs. I was awoke one night about 11pm. I had always been afraid of the dark even at that age. I never knew why, but if what happened that night had happened before, it would be explainable. I remember I got out of bed, I don’t remember how I got to the other side of the house as I don’t remember walking through the house. I went out the back door of our downstairs kitchen and there was an enclosed staircase that led from the ground floor up to the kitchen of the second floor.

Normally I would not have entered it at night, especially that staircase, it always scared me. I entered and climbed to the second story landing, but before I could enter the kitchen of the upstairs, my attention was drawn to the window of the second story landing. The window was open as it was mid summer and I looked out and up and there was a large disk that at that age appeared very close, but was probably several hundred yards above the house. A blue light appeared from the very center of the disk and I was suddenly floating out the window and up towards the craft. I don’t remember feeling scared or anything, other than from the height, but not from the fact I was being pulled into a strange craft in the middle of the night.

I don’t remember anything else until I was floating through the second story widow on the front side of the house. I came through the window and floated down the stairway that led to the front porch of the house. It wasn’t until just now writing this that I remember there were 2-3 small beings at the bottom of the stairs. I don’t remember anything else until awaking again in the morning. I don’t recall any more “leaving” incidents for the rest of the time I lived there, but the “return” sequence, through the second story window and down the stairs, always floating, was a regular thing for about 2 years. I tried to tell a teacher about it at school, but he just played it off and told me it was just a bad dream.

I guess after awhile, I convinced myself that he must be right, there wasn’t much talk in our small town about abductions so I didn’t know who else to contact. I didn’t get along well with my mom or sisters and was embarrassed to bring it up to my brother. It wasn’t until years later when I first started using air travel that I found there was something in my lower right leg that would set off the metal detectors. That continued until about 2 years ago and suddenly stopped. I don’t know if it is still there and just doesn’t trigger it anymore, if they lowered the sensitivity, or if it somehow just disappeared. All I know is that the last time I went to the local courthouse, I no longer set off the detector there.

I don’t know of any other people sighting anything in my hometown until years later, my brother-in-law said he had seen one once while driving, but I don’t recall what year he said, possibly about 81-83. I have searched for any sightings around my time period but no luck. Nothing until the mass sighting in the 80’s. Like I said, not looking for any type of investigation, but if you know of any sightings around Dover Plains, NY around my time frame, I would really like to know about it.

Thanks for listening
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