The background as reported by Nancy Talbott follows. This is in her words except the Experiencer’s and another investigator’s names are removed.

“June 17, 2013 – White Powder, found inside Florida home by (Experiencer), on marble window-sill & behind electric fireplace

DETAILS: (Experiencer) has been interested in UFOs/ETs, etc. for many years; is (or has been) a “Field Investigator” for Florida MUFON. She has visually seen light-balls (BOLs) from time to time in her house, once in 2016 after a hurricane when there was no electric power in neighborhood & her house totally dark. Has done a lot of “sky watching” last several years and has videotaped “craft” & has found “puncture marks” on her body & strange bruises which look like “3 fingers” in recent years.

On June 17, 2013 she was looking for her cat behind her big flat-screen TV which sits on a wooden bookcase-like stand in front of a wide, heavily-curtained window in the living room, and found piles of white powder along the inside marble window-ledge. She associates no particular anomalous incident to this discovery.

From photos of very crowded living room I suspect this window is perhaps never opened & is usually (or always) heavily curtained.

On the same day or shortly thereafter, after seeing her cat staring at electric fireplace (off) which sits on floor under the TV (& therefore under same window), she pulled unit out and found more white powder behind it also.

She reports that before she disturbed a few of the piles of powder on the window-sill, it had all been deposited in more-or-less separate rounded piles. The powder dissolves in water & apparently dissipates (either is absorbed by, or leaks out or turns to a gas) in plastic bags, which is how she first stored it. The approximately 6 teaspoons she still has left is now stored in a glass container.

She says she sent a sample (apparently in plastic bag) to the Dept. of Agriculture (Florida State?, I didn’t ask) some time ago, but got no response back.

In discussions with friends (who are “experiencers,” or “psychics” or “mediums” they have told her it was a “gift” (from ETs, I gather), which she then felt meant it had “healing” properties, which made her “think of her husband” (who is quite ill). She has allowed one friend who has a bad knee to rub his knee with the glass bottle containing the powder she still has, after which he claimed he felt heat, first in his knee & then through his whole body, after which he tells her his knee problem has disappeared—and has not returned.

On September 17, 2016 she went to a lecture by (Name Withheld), a MUFON Field Investigator TRAINEE, whom she gave another sample. He had heard of me and BLT and so contacted me to see if I could help get the material analyzed.

I’ve told (Experiencer) to mail you directly 1 teaspoon, in a sterile (if possible) glass jar, along with a sample of the type of plastic bag she kept material in previously, (when it “disappeared”).

The object is to identify the white powder.


  • The white powder is identified as a hydrated form of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4●xH2O x=ca.7).
  • Magnesium sulfate is primarily used for therapeutic purposes. It is commonly referred to as ‘Epsom Salt’. It’s used in bath soaks, hydrotherapy, in formulas this salt has been hailed as one of the easiest solutions to some common health ailments.1 Other uses include: fireproofing, textiles (warp-sizing and loading cotton goods, weighting silk, dyeing, and calico printing), mineral waters, catalyst carrier, ceramics, fertilizers, paper (sizing), cosmetic lotions, dietary supplement.
  • After considering the uses of magnesium sulfate it is not clear as to why the powder appeared in the locations it did. Mediums/friends told the Experiencer that the white powder was a gift from ETs which she felt had healing properties. This analysis cannot confirm the source, but as noted above it does have therapeutic properties. However, this analysis does suggest that the source of the white powder magnesium sulfate is not from ‘Epsom Salt’. The physical forms are different, i.e. the white powder is very fine particles, while ‘Epsom Salt’ consists of larger granular aggregates of particles.
  • The magnesium sulfate was purported to disappear when stored in a plastic bag. However, microscopic examination of the same plastic bag revealed that there are white particulates present.
  • ’Epsom Salt’ was ground into white particulates to simulate the white powder and placed in an unused plastic bag supplied by the ‘Experiencer’. It did not dissipate/disappear over a three week period. The weight remained constant. So it is unknown why the magnesium sulfate stored in the ‘Experiencers’ plastic bag disappeared.
  • The Experiencer’s sample is not the same as the white powder found in a number of Robbert van den Broeke events which was a hydrated form of magnesium carbonate, specifically with formula (MgCO3)4•Mg(OH)2•5H2O.3 This white powder mysteriously appeared in several crop circles, on a small table in a home, and outside a balcony door.

The Investigation

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