Analysis of a Suspected Alien Implant (March 11, 2006)

Analysis of a Suspected Alien Implant (March 11, 2006)

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 03/11/2006


The witness was in the shower at approximately 11:45 a.m. on March 11, 2006. A substance fell out of her nose. It made an arch, then twisted and wrapped around itself. Initially it felt like cloth, then later, like hard material.

The object of this analysis is to determine whether this substance is an alien implant. Microscope photographs of both sides of the object follow.


The substance is identified as a man-made polymer. Specifically its composition is poly(styrene:acrylate ester). This is a common polymer and probably is plastic from some debris around the house. This shows the object is not an alien implant.

The Analysis



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