Analysis of Specimens Related to a Purported Encounter with Three Entities (Arizona, September 2008)

Analysis of Specimens Related to a Purported Encounter with Three Entities (Arizona, September 2008)

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 09/01/2008


The background of this event was related to this laboratory via phone conversations with W. C. Levengood on 13 April 2009 and 13 July 2009. A witness in Arizona purports that he and his wife have had multiple visitations by entities.

On one occasion, in September 2008, he claims that three entities entered his home. He said he had ready access to a sword, and ran it through one of the entities. A red substance squirted across the room, and splattered on a window.

The ‘being’ looked surprised and disappeared. The red substance was collected and sent for analysis. The objective is to use infrared spectroscopy to identify this material.


The analysis show the red substance is a biologically derived material, that is, protein is the predominating component. Very small amounts of lipids also appear to be present.

The specimens are very similar to whole blood. Human blood is a close comparison, though further testing would be necessary for confirmation. DNA testing is recommended.

The Analysis




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