Analysis of a Specimen Pulled from an Experiencer’s Back (April 4, 2012, Northwestern, Pennsylvania)

Analysis of a Specimen Pulled from an Experiencer’s Back (April 4, 2012, Northwestern, Pennsylvania)

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Date of Event / Case File: 04/04/2012


A specimen which included a small fiber was removed from the back of an Experiencer on April 4, 2012. There is also a crystalline material included with the specimen. The object is to determine the composition of the specimen and crystal, and whether it could be related to an alien implant. Another specimen from the same experiencer was recently analyzed.


  • The specimen is a multi-component mixture. In order of approximate concentration these include calcium carbonate (calcite), ester type material (possible glycerol type or sorbitan monooleate) and quartz. Visually noted is a fiber which is a minor part of the specimen. It could not be identified because of the interference of the other components. However, it is speculated to be of plant origin.
  • The crystal is identified as sucrose which is commonly known as sugar.
  • The specimen and crystal are not related to an alien implant. The above components are very common with many uses. Quartz (possible sand) and calcium carbonate (calcite) are common minerals in soil. There are other uses. The ester appears to be of natural origin, i.e. it’s commonly found in plants, human respiratory products, animals.

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