Description: A woman and a friend saw a triangular UFO flying above their car on Roswell Road in Marietta, Georgia. The witnesses saw the object through her sun roof.
The object had red, white and green lights, but the witness was convinced that it was not a conventional aircraft. The witness works at a local airport and is very familiar with regular aircraft. The object was silent, hovered and then moved erratically.
The UFO was lost behind some trees. The UFO was visible for about 2 minutes. The witness thought that the UFO was somewhat transparent. The witness felt energy radiating from the object.
The witness’s voice-mail message describing her sighting can be heard above.Note: I spoke at length with the witness and believe that she is quite credible. She answered all questions. She thought perhaps that she had witnessed a drone craft.(Photograph of Marietta, Georgia is used for reference purposes only, and is not connected to this case)


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