Woman shoots video of UFO near Olive Branch, Mississippi

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Date of Event / Case File: 02/25/2015

Screen shot from video

Screen shot from video

The following was published by WMC Action News 5:

OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC) –As winter weather was being dumped across most of North Mississippi, one woman says she saw much more than just snow — Angela Ashton is convinced she saw a UFO.

Ashton, who is a certified Paranormal Investigator with Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research, is certain that the object she saw in the sky was extraterrestrial. When she saw the object just after midnight on Thursday, she ran outside to record it.

“It was at least the size of a football field,” Ashton said. “I was laying in my bed and I have a huge window that goes across the wall of my bedroom. And I saw a bright blinding light. I mean it was huge.”

Ashton says she recorded a few seconds of the quiet, unidentified object as it hovered over a nearby field on Craft Road in Lewisburg, Mississippi. She then quickly ran inside because it was cold. Eventually, she said, the object shot up into the sky and disappeared. 

WMC Action News 5 showed the video to drone expert Robert Estes. He says it is likely not a drone because many of them don’t have lights like you see in the video.

“It was triangular shaped. It appeared to release smaller objects but it was kind of hard to tell. If that’s what it was doing or it additional lights were pulsating around it,” said Ashton. “I would say that it’s definitely extraterrestrial. I don’t know what else it could be.”

Estes says it could just be a plane in the sky.

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