The witness called and reported her experience 20 years after it occurred. She was driving home from a bar at about 11 PM and noticed a police car to her right. The next thing that she remembers is that two hours have gone by and her car is parked near a police station.
She and her husband were riding in the car and neither remembers the two hours “time lapse.” The next day upon rising from bed her knee was swelled up so bad that she couldn’t walk. Her husband drove her to the hospital.
The knee was x-rayed and the physician found a foreign object within the knee joint. The doctor was puzzled by what he saw. Apparently treatment consisted of ice and pain medication. The witness said that the swelling went down fast and the knee was nearly normal in a day.
No further problems were noted.
The witness believes that she had an encounter with alien entities and an object was implanted. She may have surgery to have the object removed. It the object is removed, we hope to acquire the object and have it analyzed.

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