Witness Drew the Above Sketch of Her Experience (Click for higher resolution)

Witness Drew the Above Sketch of Her Experience (Click for higher resolution)

Date of Sighting: February 19, 2005
Time of Sighting: 4:00 to 4:30am EST
Date Reported: March 17, 2005
Location of Sighting: West Springfield, MA
Number of Witnesses: One
Latitude: 42.1096 Degrees N
Longitude: 72.622125 Degrees W
Weather: (Not a factor in sighting.)

Description (In Witness’s Own Words): To be quick, I saw through my daughter’s window what looked like 2 upper windows and 3 lower windows. At first, I thought that it was my neighbor’s house lights. But after watching for a while, I turned away to give my daughter a drink of water, when I looked back , the lights were off. Then, because I thought I was looking at my neighbors’ house, I thought that their outside garage lights were on. But the lights were peculiar. They had no definite form, but I assumed that they were the garage lights because I thought that I was looking at my neighbor’s house. Then, the peculiar lights became as one and became brighter and brighter & brighter and brighter as a whole that I questioned what the hell I was looking at. Then, I wondered if my neighbor’s garage was on fire, but the lights never flickered or danced like a fire, it was just a continuous bright light that kept getting brighter. At one point, the light started to fade or diminish, and if I remember correctly, it diminished from left to right and before it eventually faded I remember seeing the silhouette of only one tree. (but there were many there in reality). Then I said, what the heck did I just see!! And I became extremely frightened to the point where I couldn’t move to shut the window blind. I was paralyzed with fear. Two and a half hours later, when I had awakened, I was looking at woods!! Meaning, I couldn’t see my neighbors’ house from that angle. There house was to the left of what I saw. I could only see the corner of their roof……….if anything!! So I knew what I saw was in the woods. But elevated from not only the top of their house but also higher than the ground that the trees stood on. So, I needed to inform someone , somewhere, of what I saw. And am curious for other sightings in the area around that time.

Investigator’s Notes: Clearly this witness is frightened by what she has experienced.  In a follow-up interview the witness stated that she saw the lights on the second story of her home.  She said that the trees in the back of house are about the length of a football field from her home.  She heard no sound and her neighbors did not see anything. I have checked other UFO databases (National UFO Reporting Center and Filer’s Files) and have not found any sightings in that area on February 19, 2005. It is not clear how accessible the area is where the witness saw the lights.  (I am waiting for a response to this question.)  However, given that she sighted the lights from the second story and that they were blocking her view of the trees, it wouldn’t seem to be anyone walking with a flashlight or vehicle traffic.  Based upon available information I have no explanation for this event.

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