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Date of Event / Case File: 12/02/2013

The following case was submitted to UFOs NorthWest:

Location of Sighting: Dana Point, California
Date of Sighting: December 2, 2013
Time of Sighting: 5:44 PM PST

Description: I see strange movement from craft out over the ocean all the time. Even hesitantly flying out of clouds to park itself in the sky to become what everybody would think is a star.

But, what you’ll see in this video is a bit different. I never saw it because it was not viewable to the naked eye. I used infrared video to see what I might capture and I think you’ll find the capture incredibly fascinating. Watch the entire video because it leaves then comes back before taking off for good. I was filming from a beach so most the activity you are seeing is out over the ocean. Sorry the video is so dark.

Thanks, and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts!

By the way, this video was captured on 12-2-13 on the beach in Dana Point, CA. The time and date are on the video which shows a UFO spitting out brightly lit objects that fall toward the ocean. I believe the activity helps confirm reports that ‘alien craft’ can be organic in nature. If you want any more information please feel free to ask, although I would rather not give out my phone number at this time. However, I am more than willing to speak with you.

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