Very Strange Dark Aerial Object Captured on Photo

Very Strange Dark Aerial Object Captured on Photo

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Date of Event / Case File: 10/26/2014

Very Strange Dark Aerial Object Captured on Photo

Very Strange Dark Aerial Object Captured on Photo

Description: Hello: Over the weekend my parents were out on a ranch in Naples, Florida. My mom told my dad she wanted take a picture of him actually doing some man work and so she took a few burst photos on my dad’s Note 3 camera. At the moment they didn’t hear any noises from a plane, jet, or any noise at all. Later when my dad reviewed the burst photos to pick the best one, he saw an unidentified object on just ONE of the frames (average 1 frame per second). He asked around the people from the ranch and no one saw it or heard anything. My mom said she was looking at my dad and the camera at the same time and left her finger on the take a picture button without knowing it would take burst photos & she says at the time she didn’t see the object either.

Note from UFOs NorthWest: The above object IS NOT a model airplane. Models make a lot of noise and no one heard anything. I also don’t think that it is an unmanned aerial vehicle. What the heck it could really be a UFO? Analysis does not suggest that the photo was hoaxed. I suppose that someone could have thrown an object in the air and then took a photo of it, but I doubt it?



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