Unknown Objects Witnessed over Salt Lake City

Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 03/06/2015

Shape: Formation – Duration: 10 seconds

Intelligent Light Formation over SLC.

I was out enjoying some exercise when I noticed a series of large, bright, spherical, red-orange lights floating south over the mountain/valley.

There were 3 in an obvious triangle formation, and a 4th floating West on this side of the mountains.

The triangle slowly grew in size and shifted, increasing the angle until they formed an arch in coordination with the 4th. As this happened, the lights grew brighter until they were illuminated a golden color.

During this process of lining up, there were many planes flying in normal formation southwest toward the airport. They looked obviously like planes, with landing lights blinking in red and white. These orbs were MUCH larger, despite being further away at first.

As the Arch lengthened and became more equidistant, I observed a 5th light come out from behind the mountain (or from the surface of it?) and join the line. Not long after the 5th showed up, a 6th appeared, blinking into existence or appearing as though it had come very quickly from the south.

The 5th slowed down and allowed the 6th to join the formation before proceeding. They all lined up in an arch and proceeded westward at an equidistance. At one point they were flying in front of a plane at the same altitude and an object flew directly in front, obscuring it. It disappeared (?) as the craft crossed its path.

Each object was perfectly spherical, starting red orange, intensifying to golden yellow as the numbers increased. Eventually several in formation seemed to begin emitting bright yellow flickers like a bright spot in an welding arc.

They looked like they were heading toward Tooele over Chipper Peak. Line of sight was lost with most of them behind a building before I left to go tell others about the event.

Special Thanks: NUFORC



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