The following was submitted directly to The Black Vault. It is used with permission, and can not be reproduced in any way:

This footage was taken on April 18, 2015 at 10:07: pm Pacific time in Leggett CA. In this exciting video watch as a craft approaches the mountain top then it fly’s up over the mountain and goes up into the sky. Watch the blue like orb’s that appears right before and after the extraterrestrial craft appears.

On one of our sky watching outings Paula Schurle and I (Shelly Herbstritt) discussed how we would love it if ET would give us some new video in a show of support. It is always exciting to receive conformation from them so we feel we are on the right path as Contact Workers and so on that very night, on three separate occasions, my camera began recording on its own.

Being it is a fairly new camera I did not notice until a few days later once I analyzed my photos I discovered the camera had recorded footage of an extraterrestrial space craft flying very near us as we sat in Paula’s car.

Original Video

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