Unknown Lights & “V” Shaped Object Sighted in Night Sky over Grantfork, Illinois

Unknown Lights & “V” Shaped Object Sighted in Night Sky over Grantfork, Illinois

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Date of Event / Case File: 11/02/2015

The following is a case from UFOs NorthWest, and used on The Black Vault, with permission:

Location of Sighting: Grantfork, Illinois
Date of Sighting: November 2, 2015
Time of Sighting: 3:12 AM CST

Description: I saw this bright white unusual light figured was just star, but on left of the white one was a red star so I thought. And above the white one was like a white/red 1 changing colors so figured was just an airplane, but it would have been gone by time I was moving towards Grantfork from marine. I watched it for 5 minutes.

After I got closer to Grantfork I could see an outline was like a weird shaped triangle outline and you could see it in how slow it was going and I snap chatted it my friend. I didn’t save it. I was freaking out.

I sped up as the UFO I saw gained speed and I started to lose sight. I went through the middle of town on pokey road heading towards Pocahontas. That is when I could barely see the lights. I lost the outline of it about a minute before then. So I started to slow down because I had no chance to get a better video. I started to turn around and drive.

I looked back to check and I saw this small like V shaped, but wider spread of V thing coming had a bright light at the middle where the bottom of the V would be. I sped up because I was in country and wanted to get into town. Looking back I saw the V low with a bright white light at bottom getting close. I came into town down about 85 and slammed on the brakes and got out of car to take a video and it was gone. I freaked out, went home. wish I would have saved the video. I wasn’t thinking and haven’t sketched anything yet.

I try to rationalize what it probably was, but I know what I saw. I am just wondering if any one around here saw anything else either or saw something like it before.



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Originating Organization: UFOs NorthWest
Organization Link: http://www.ufosnw.com/newsite/unknown-lights-v-shapedobject-sighted-in-night-sky/

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