Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 08/06/2016
Name of Witness: Anonymous


My wife and I were camping along the Mendocino coast, 20 miles north of Fort Bragg.

The night sky was clear with no cloud cover. The stars and Milky Way were clear to eye. While we were star gazing, we immediately noticed 8 orange-red “large” star-shaped glowing lights directly over the southern horizon.

They were hovering and slowly moving up, then toward each other, then moving in opposite directions with no clear flight path.

They began dissolving into one another until there was only one larger orange light which then began moving west and then disappeared. 5 minutes larger 2 more appeared, did the same movements for about 10 minutes and then each dissolved.

All of these objects had no particular flight path and changed direction several times before blinking out.

We felt surprised and amazed as to what we were seeing. I have a few close friends who are pilots and am very aware of the flight paths of planes and helicopters. These lights did not move in either fashion.

This case was submitted to UFO Casebook, and is used with permission.

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