The following case was submitted to The Black Vault, and is used here with permission. It can not be republished without permission from the witness.

Location far North Western Fairfield Co. Ohio near intersection of Rt. I-70 and SRt. 256. Observation would have been of something in far Eastern Franklin Co. Could not be more specific. I was using a Bushnell 10X50 self focusing binocular. I often watch planes arriving from the West heading for my location, where they make a big turn to head to Port Columbus for landing. Weather calm, sky cloudless blue-gray.

Sat down with above binocular to observe the Western sky for planes incoming to Port Columbus. Planes fly over my neighborhood before turning 180 degrees to approach the airport. Interesting things to see while waiting for airplanes. Saw two humming birds pause in my field of view, not visible without the binocular. Saw two large black Canadian goose feathers floating slowly down from very high up. Starting to realize there are many things that one never sees with the eyes alone when looking to the sky.

Observed what appeared to be a small crumpled up sheet of transparent, slightly tumbling cellophane suddenly appear in my basketball sized field of vision. Thought at first it might be a kite or a piece of trash carried by the wind. Then realized there was very little breeze. Not enough to fly a kite or pick up a sheet of cellophane. Then the odd stuff happened.

The transparent cellophane sky area started changing, getting somewhat smaller and at the same time an object appeared to grow out of it. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say it had the exact appearance of two small shiny silver dinner plates connected at their rim with a rounded dome on top. My first thoughts were that is definitely not some kid’s kite. It appeared to change its angle with the ground slightly and head West. At least it appeared to get smaller as the seconds ticked by. It would be impossible to say whether it was moving West or truly getting smaller. In any event it suddenly vanished. This entire event took no more than 5 or 6 seconds. The object shrunk form about the size of an aspirin tablet held at arms length to that of a baby aspirin before it vanished. I had no time to even consider a photo, having just enough time to remark to my wife that she wouldn’t believe what I just saw. The show was then over. I watched for about ten or so more minutes but saw nothing more of an unusual nature.

My first thoughts were not related to little green men, but I remember thinking…So the government does have a cloaking device. Later, the more I thought about the incident the more disturbed I became. To the point I tried to put it out of my mind, not really knowing what I had seen.

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