UFOs over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Late August 2018

UFOs over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Late August 2018

Case File Information

TBV Investigations Case Number: 665825

Date of Event / Case File: 08/24/2018
Name of Witness: John Nolan

Case File Status: Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation

The following case was submitted to The Black Vault / TBV Investigations. There was no formal investigation to the case, and is offered here for informational purposes.

Witness Testimony

First within a half of a block hovering over my left shoulder, it went up down then over the ocean, then back across us to the opposite horizon out of sight. I had binoculars. And when we walked away I turned around and said here it comes, my sister two nephews and a niece all turned around and it was back to where we first seen it. Then it left over the horizon toward inland.

We walked a few steps and were aware of the skies and looked up, I saw I light moving up at about 80% angle, not straight up at 90 degrees, and it just kept going up, for a minute or longer, until it left the atmosphere. I lost sight 1st, then my sister said its still going up, and my niece and nephews seen it until it was gone. It was white and not anything like the 1st one, which was red, then green, then red, then green……. continuously. 7 years of looking and seeing none, and then I see 2 in two minutes.

Side note, I was in Phoenix March 13 1997, and seen the Phoenix lights, but I was a true skeptic who bought the crazy BS the government fed us. And scientists fed is, stars are too far, speed of light is impossible, nearest star is 70,000 years away on way, blah blah blah. Thats how they get us as children.

The Evidence

No evidence submitted.

The Analysis

Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation


Information Case Only; No Formal Investigation



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