Case File Information

Date of Event / Case File: 06/26/1959

The following is part of the Henry McKay Archives. It is used here on The Black Vault, with permission:

LOCATION: Papua, New Guinea

The following is a transcript from an audio cassette recording of Henry McKay, at the 24 minute 51 second mark. This would have been at either one of his lectures or his course.

The cassette is simply labelled as “UFO Talk H.H.M”. Date unknown. From the files of the Henry McKay UFO Archives:

“Quite a few number of years ago there was an incident reported in New Guinea, where a Reverend Gill and a number of missionary observed the UFO on three evenings. It was brought to his attention by some of the Natives yelling, which brought him outside and he observed, and it’s well documented, a hovering UFO, the discoid configuration.

And one of the evenings there were three humanoids aboard the craft standing on the outer rim, if you will, performing some sort of an operation or procedure, work procedure.

One of the Native boys waved at this craft and one of the creatures leaned over what appeared to be like a rail, a railing on a ship, and waved back. Now, they couldn’t see the railing, but it gave him that  impression, that it was a railing that he was leaning over, and waved back.

This so intrigued the, Father Gill, that he went and sent one of the Native boys for his torches, he called it a flashlight. And he signaled to the UFO, and it responded.

Now the Reverend Gill has released all this information, and it’s well documented at the UFO Research Centre under the direction of Dr. Allen Hynek.” – Henry McKay

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