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Date of Event / Case File: 06/21/2015

The following video was submitted to The Black Vault, and is used with permission. The following is the description given:

The video presents evidence of UFO’s demonstrating intelligent control and advanced ariel maneuvers beyond our known aircraft.

Part 1 reviews Robert Bingham’s Public UFO Contact Event on June 21, 2015 at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles CA.

The intro explores the phenomenon of UFO Summoning and using group energy and intention to produce UFO sightings.

First capture at 1:49 shows a large orb hovering over the crowd of witnesses. The ufo performed various advanced maneuvers,
including start-stops, hovering, and various speed and directional changes. Analysis at 2:16.

Second capture at 3:41 reveals the full clip. Filmed at higher magnification (900mm), with motion tracking and filters applied.

Third analysis 5:15, we noticed a dark sphere appear then orbit around the top of the ufo, then completely vanish.

Final analysis 5:46, we trace the incredible flight path of the anomaly and highlight it’s irregular movements.

Part 2 reviews other UFO captures demonstrating advanced maneuvers and intelligent control. 7:03

Additional footage from CESTI and Damien Nott of Australian Ariel Investigations Phenomenon.

7:11- ORB 90′ Turn Mid Air Stop
7:38- UFO 90′ Turn Dematerialization
8:05- ORB Vertical Fall Mid Air Stop
8:18- Cigar UFO Ariel maneuvers
8:46- Horseshoe UFO Ariel maneuvers

Super Special thanks!

Robert Bingham:

Don Meers Australien Skies:

Damien Nott (AAIP):


Video produced by Jim Martin
Video Edited by Anik Dang
Photographs by John Graff
Music performed by Lewis Richards

This video is dedicated to all my friends and the people I’ve met on this journey.

Thank you for watching!

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