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Witness Testimony

As my friend Rachel and I were taking advantage of a warm summer evening, we walked along an one lane dirt road atop a ridge behind my house. Years earlier, a house was built at the end of this road but unfortunately it burnt to the ground when we were kids. It became our habit to sit on the cement steps where the front door would have been. It gave us a beautiful view of the San Francisco Intl Airport and the San Bruno Mountains.
Being teenagers, this evening’s conversation was about boys until something caught our attention towards the San Bruno Mountains. There was a bright light, moving erratically across the sky.  It would rise straight up at an unbelievable speed, stop suddenly, hover then move even faster in a different direction. The light continued these erratic maneuvers for at least 5 minutes. We watched its performances in awe until it rose straight up at an extreme speed again and literally disappeared from the sky!  I told Rachel, “I think we just saw a UFO”.
As the novelty of seeing an “UFO” wore off, we continued talking about other things until I had this overwhelming feeling to look up above me.  As I did, I saw a gigantic round disc hovering directly above us.  It was so large, it actually obscured my view of the sky.  I felt if I raised my hand, I could touch it.  So I actually tried but it was too far away.  I started to make mental notes while sitting below it.
The bottom was seamless
The bottom was completely smooth 
No writing or hieroglyphics were noticed 
Glowed amber (not overly bright though)
Totally silent while hovering over us
No reflections on the bottom of the disc
No lights on the ground from the disc
I really can’t remember much else except suddenly there were 5 of us standing on the dirt road now. I was so surprised to see both of our sisters, Yvonne and Jean and a friend, John, standing by us.
This information comes from my sister, Yvonne. “We were in front of my house when we heard our sisters screaming and thought they were being attacked.  We ran down the street, behind the houses, and saw an amber disc hovering over them. We ran to them as fast as we could.”
Then I heard Rachel screaming.  Someone yelled for us to run and when I looked at Rachel, she was running in place and not going anywhere.  (I’ve only seen this in cartoons).  Our friend, John, ran up to her, threw her over his shoulder and ran.  As we ran along the top of the dirt road, the silent disc slowly followed us.  We could see figures moving inside the disc via openings around the middle of it.  We stopped running as we got closer to the street and could see the street lights. Even though the disc was still hovering close by, the light from the street lights was a relief.
I had this brilliant idea to get binoculars in order to see inside the disc. I ran down the ridge’s path to the back of my house. As I was running up the back stairs, reaching for the door handle, I heard a voice tell me not to get the binoculars. I didn’t even question that voice!  I turned around, ran down the stairs and ran back to my friends.  Jean asked me what happened to the binoculars and I told her I didn’t get them.  Oddly, she accepted what I said without further comment. 
We continued watching the disc for a few more minutes until it shot straight up at an amazing speed and literally disappeared from sight.  The 5 of us just stood there dumbfounded.
Much later that evening, the 5 of us went back to the dirt road, hoping to see the disc again.  From where we were standing, we could see much of San Francisco and the adjacent streets leading to our street, Ordway Street.  We were up there for maybe 30 minutes before we noticed a bright light coming down Mansell Street towards us.  It was a single, bright light, going very, very slow.  I wasn’t sure what it was but I remember everyone saying “it’s a motorcycle” over and over again.  This “motorcycle” turned right on Bowdoin Street, which was a dead-end.  It stopped at the end of the street and shot straight up into the sky and disappeared from sight.   

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