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The following was submitted directly to The Black Vault. It is used here, with permission, and the media can not be re-used without permission.  The only edits were for spelling issues, but other than that, the witness testimony is untouched.

Note from The Black Vault: There is no hiding from the fact that the photographs and video quality are going to make it very difficult to identify properly. But it is important that these cases are documented, and archived, because it may encourage additional witnesses to come forward.

Hi my name is XXX… I live in a rural part in eastern Kentucky near the WV border.
On February 16, O was told by someone I would see something that night, and I did.
I witnessed 4 UFOs last yr make a worm hole in the sky and a mother ship came out f it.. but back to this sighting. It was so much closer than any one I’ve ever seen and it moved across the sky like nothing I;ve ever seen. I don’t believe in coincidences just happening…
I have noticed so many strange coincidences happening and I know without a doubt something or someone is leading me on the path I’m on now. My life is now consumed with researching and studying aliens ancients, Illuminati and so much more and I have discovered so many things that don’t match up with the history we have been taught.  I know I’m on to something but I think they are watching me or surveilling me or something they are trying to keep me from finding the truth.
Please if you could help me please contact me back.. 
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These photographs were taken by a cell phone.

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