Case File Information

TBV Investigations Case Number: 909272

Date of Event / Case File: 06/19/2019
Name of Witness: Anonymous

Case File Status: Inconclusive, due to lack of video or photographic evidence


The following case was submitted to The Black Vault/TBV Investigations on 06/19/2019 and was assigned to investigator Jim Kerr for analysis and investigation.

Witness Testimony

The witness submitted the following statement.

“My male Basenji had to go outside, so I took him out the garage door that opens up to the backyard on the left side. I had our house lights on, but they didn’t shine far from the back area near the houseitself and driveway, front. I noticed all of a sudden a brilliant whitish-yellowish light that was stationary. Jacksonville Internatl Airport does have planes that do fly over our house and this area in /out of the airport but this was NO plane, no helicopter.

The object seemed huge as it was so bright and appeared to shimmer, but it did not go further away like a plane would be leaving this airspace or come near us like a plane would be heading to the airport to land. I couldn’t walk back with him because of my knees (replacement not long ago), or I would have to get a better look. This light seemed to shimmer and darken but then again it appeared as bright as ever, still affixed where it was.

The property where this objet was stationary also has a home there but an open place for their large yard. They do have a security light, but there is ABSOLUTELY no way that light reflected any beam into the sky to cause something that large and bright to occur and remain in spot. There were no people out at all other than myself and my dog.

I went in to get my brother, but when we came out the object was gone. This is not my first time experiencing a “UFO.” I am working on the email to send. Next time I go out at night, I will bring the cell phone to record if I see anything like this again.”

Additional witness statements after being interviewed

“My experience on this one was brief, but whatever that stationary orangish-yellowish huge globe like object was, it could not have been a plane or helicopter, light from the ground, house, or highway 1/4 mile up the road. Not at 1:05 Am at all. I just wish I had my cellphone………or been able to walk across our 2 yards to get a better look. That object was so big, and seemed closer than it was. Incredible!

I live in northeast Florida in a little town about 2 miles west of the town itself. The town is Callahan. Roughly we are about 17 miles northwest of Jacksonville, but like all places, it depends on from where in Jacksonville one is coming to this area.

That was amazing that night, but I admit when it fazed out, then came back on in the same spot, I knew it could NOT have been some weather thing or meteor et al. Unfortunately I opted to go in and grab the cell phone and get my brother up but when we came out it was gone.”

The Evidence

No photos or video footage was taken by the witness.

The Analysis

At approx 1:00 am, the witness took her dog outside and observed a whitish-yellowish light that was stationary in the sky. The witness is adamant; the object was not an aircraft as she is familiar observing aircraft over her location from the Jacksonville International Airport. The size of the object did not change like an aircraft traveling toward or away from her location. The witness went into her house to retrieve her cell phone to take photos, but when she returned, the object was gone. With the lack of photographic or video evidence it is impossible to identify what the witness observed.


Based on the witness statement, she saw something in the sky that she could not explain or identify. With the lack of photographic or video evidence it is impossible to identify what the witness observed.

My conclusion; Inconclusive due to lack of video or photographic evidence.

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