The following video was posted to LiveLeak, but a person just taking a video of the “Super Moon.” In the process of doing so, they captured either two objects, or one, casting a shadow on the lunar surface.

The Video

Witness Testimony

I was recording a video of the Super moon on Nov/13 at night..near the end of the video, an object appears passing over the moon and reflecting its shadow on the moon surface ….. no idea what it could be.


Possible Explanations

Having such an extreme zoom on the surface of the moon, is going to blur out anything relatively close to the camera lens.

However, this will not rule out either a satellite above Earth’s atmosphere, or quite possible a lunar probe in orbit around the moon.


Other Super Moon Sightings

Black Vault user LookNowTV submitted the following video. Rich, from LooknowTV, analyzed multiple videos that were captured the night of the Super Moon. 

It was submitted here, and is used with permission.

Please note: The opinions represented on this video are that of Rick from LookNowTV. 

The description posted on YouTube was: 

5 Best UFO SUPERMOON Sightings Caught On Camera! A few days ago everyone was out recording video of the Supermoon. I wanted to take at some of the best most credible UFO Supermoon videos. I also wanted to talked about the UFO Supermoon video that went viral fast thanks to online Tabloid attention. Let’s take a closer look!

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