Cropped and zoomed.

Cropped and zoomed.

The following was submitted to The Black Vault. It is used here, with permission.

I’ve attached a photo of a UFO I photographed in Hot Springs, MT in November of 2014. 

I was taking a picture of a rainbow during a light rainstorm but didn’t notice the object in the photo until later.

It is located in the lower left of the photo. The object can be magnified, which I did through Google+, and I was surprised to see the UFO.

It is very curious.

There’s a strange blue glow under it and the air around it seems odd. It looks like a craft of some sort.

Please take the time to magnify and study the object.

It is quite strange.

The photo was taken with a 20 megapixel camera. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Norman Tveit

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