The following case was submitted by the witness, Richard Kidd.  Richard is also one of our team members for TBV Investigations.  This case plays a large role in his active, present day interest, in the UFO phenomenon.

Witness Testimony

This is an account of the sighting thats very personal to me.
It occurred in August of 1966. 
My family and I were living in Oceanside California at the time. I grew up in Oceanside and lived in California until I was 31. When I was younger, at the age of 10, my 2 older brothers and went to visit my aunt and cousins who lived in south Los Angeles. Van Nuys to be more precise. With my mother and my grandparents. We were planning of staying the weekend with my aunt, even though the house would be quite cramped. My aunt had 7 children living at home along with her husband. As kids do, we goofed around and most likely drove the adults crazy.
When bedtime came, the adults decided where 10 children were going to sleep but, as kids, we had our own thoughts about it. After much debate and heated discussion, the sleeping arrangements were decided and we all slept in the den of the house on the floor with blankets and the sleeping bags that my brothers and I brought with us. The sleeping bags sparked an argument between all the kids so, my mother put them back in my grandfathers car. So, all of us kids picked our spots to sleep and started laughing and joking around. It was getting late and we decided it was time to get some sleep because, most of the younger kids were flat worn out and already asleep. As I was lying there on the floor almost asleep, I began to feel the ground under me start to shake.
I looked around the room and everyone must have felt it too. All of us thought it was an earthquake and waited to see if it got any worse. Then, the entire room became so bright that it looked as though it was daylight in the den. The ground was still shaking and the bright light was almost blinding. Most of the kids covered their eyes due to the brightness. My brothers and I went to the front window along with my cousins Bobby & Ronny. When the 5 of us looked out the window, each of us saw something that made us look at each other for confirmation of what we were seeing.
Then my mother came to the window and watched as well. My aunt sat on the couch in a ball and started screaming and crying, which was extremely annoying as far as everyone else in the room was concerned. 
The 5 of us boys decided we wanted a better look and we went outside on the porch and my mother went out with us. When we reached the end of the porch, we had a clear view of an object we had no clue as to what it was. The object was triangular in shape with 4 bright lights running between what appeared to be a very thick craft. We saw the lights were on 2 sides of the 3 sided object at least.
At the top of the object was a bright reddish light, that didn’t appear to be a dome of any kind. The bottom of the object had a huge bright white light that took up most of the bottom of it. The entire object looked like it was inside some kind of energy field that moved along with the object as it continued moving away from us. I thought it was very strange, that the object moved down the street as it kept on traveling away from us.
It was as if it was driving down the street taking up the entire street. The biggest difference was,, a car travels on wheels but the object didn’t have any and, it was huge in size. Traveling down the street. The size of it not only took up both lanes of the street, but it also took up a large part of the yards on both sides of the street. 
All of us were so fixed on the object, that we didn’t realize that we had moved from the porch to the front yard and my aunts front yard was mostly mud instead of grass like most yards usually are. 
When the object had moved about half way down the street, it suddenly stopped for at least a full minute and then, just shot up in the sky and was gone. I had never seen anything like that and I was beginning to think I was dreaming.
It took several minutes for each of us kids and my mother, to get our bearings about us before we could even move from where we were standing. After we regained our bearings, each of us got very sick to our stomachs and began vomiting for a short time. We figured it was from the excitement of what we had just seen and shrugged it off. 
Afterwards, we talked about it and my mother told us, that we better keep what happened to ourselves otherwise, other people would think we were crazy and we would be locked away somewhere. So, that’s what my brothers and I did.
I haven’t talked about it or told my story about it until now.
Most people wouldn’t believe it if I had told them about it.
But, every word of it is true and it has stayed with me my entire life. 
— Richard Kidd

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