Case File Status: Unidentified, Insufficient Evidence


The following case was submitted to The Black Vault / TBV Investigations on April 22nd, 2018. It was assigned to TBV Investigations’ researcher Monica Salazar. 

Witness Testimony

The witness submitted the following, short, description of their sighting and video: 

“Distant object, slow moving until the tail end of the video. Started out very bright then became dim as if moving directly away from me.”

The Evidence

The following video was submitted by the witness:

The Analysis

By Monica Salazar, TBV Investigations

I was able to communicate with the witness via email multiple times she was very cooperative when requesting additional info. 

This video was filmed using a cell phone with MP4 1080p capabilities with an average Bitrate of 13.1Mbps and as per the witness; it is at “max zoom” at x10. 

The video was analyzed frame by frame and at slower speeds through windows video editor and Android video shop; however, the video is pretty shaky and grainy making it challenging to examine. 

There were no audible sounds apart from the witness speaking and after speaking with the witness, she did add that the object appeared to be traveling upwards.

In one of the frames about 00:01 sec in to the video, you can see the object the clearest seems like circular shape almost doughnut like. Here is a screen shot:

Screen shot from the video showing the object.


After carefully examining the video and speaking to the witness, I would conclude there is simply not enough tangible evidence to deem this case solved.

The video is not very stable and since it is zoomed all the way, it is a bit difficult to determine what the object really is. Close by to where this video was taken there is a NASA Airport test facility, and even though there were no test flights at the time of the video (that I could find) it could very well be a NASA drone. 

In brief, I determine this to be “Unidentified, Insufficient Evidence” as there is simply not enough evidence plus the fact that the NASA test facility is close by makes it difficult to determine if it indeed is something unidentified. Overall, despite the video being difficult to analyze, the case is quite compelling and definitely worthy of a conversation.

It will remain archived here in hopes another witness may come forward.

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